Welcome to the wild world of...

~ Otto "tomoko" William Peyer IV ~

A shining star!

Who the heck are you and why should I care?

My name is Otto, though most online people know me as "tomoko" or various forms thereof. I co-founded and co-ran Visual Disturbances, make music and visual art, write, stream, run a few Discord servers (including a film club and book club), host a few services (including a ZNC bouncer), generally spend a considerable amount of time being a very minor online socialite in various communities, and am currently working towards my CCNA and Security+ certifications in the hopes of breaking into the tech security industry. As to why you should care... uh, no clue, pal! I seriously got nothin'... I just do things into the void while trying to enjoy and make sense of this hectic, confusing thing we call life and sometimes people tell me they enjoy them, or my presence. That's good enough for me! =)

Got a resume or something I can look at?

This section is a little under construction, but check back later and I'll not only have a resume, but a discography, a sample of visual art, some writing samples, and more!

Stream Archive

What are your social mediers? Where can I get the posts? Give me the fucking content or I swear to God I'll crack your head open.

Yikes!!! Well, I've got quite a few things going on, and I appreciate the interest... and I have got plenty of posts all over the place, so you can put the hammer down! Please! I typically do follow or interact back, and generally love making new friends, unless you happen to catch me in one of my... moods. Accounts on this list go through stretches of non-use from time to time, but I have consolidated my presence on each of these platforms to these places, so you can rest assured that as a dog returns to its vomit, I will one day return to each of these platforms to make some epic freakin' posts.

Backloggd: opeyer
Bandcamp: Spirit Waves
Discord: tomoko#5899
Fiverr: Otto Peyer
GitHub: @opeyer
Goodreads: Otto Peyer
Instagram: @sspiritwavess
IRC: tomoko on SynIRC
Letterboxd: spiritwaves
Snapchat: @spiritwaves
SoundClown: Spirit Waves
Steam: unl337
Telegram: @t_mko
Trakt.tv: xrmbt
Twitch: okomot
Twitter: @spiritwaves
YouTube: Main Channel

I like what you do and I want to support you. Financially. OHH YEAH.

I'm tickled! Of course I'll take your money! Below is a list of various payment methods that I can accept, and you're also welcome to commission some work from me on Fiverr or buy some of my music from my Bandcamp. Money can and will go towards any number of things, including living expenses, software subscriptions, project costs, luxury items, and much more, but if you have a particular request (or wish to send me something via a method not listed here), you can always shoot me an email with your donation details and I'll do my best to make sure that the money is specifically used towards the stated purpose (or to add whichever preferred payment method to this list so that you can feel comfortable tossing your hard-earned dinero into my mouth). No promises though... man's gotta eat. Man's gotta make ill-advised purchases. Man's got creative desires that go in wildly differing directions and might just not be interested in creating the specific type of content you donated for. Do not send me anything that you aren't willing to accept as a loss. Leo needs a new pair of shoes.

Paypal: c52n
Venmo: @Otto-Peyer
CashApp: $opeyer
BTC: bc1qwfnghzyljttt2mr3vmnupwhq09yjx26wsp9uye
ETH/ETH Tokens: 0x20EB7eC599Fc5dfEd78543Bcf8Da15Ab08c4fDB0
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XRP: r4hRKnNJBDwY6TAbcecgFvu5V5NFmca5Hq

(c) 2021 Otto Peyer