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Productivity is hard.

This website will likely one day serve as many things, but for now, I've decided to kick it off with this blog. My name is Otto, often known online as tomoko, and I am an aspiring tech yuppie. Admittedly, I'm still not entirely sure of which path I want to go down, though I've heard very lucrative things about IT security.

A good pal has decided to help me get on the right path, and has told me the first step is to get the CCNA. I gave it a shot a few years ago, but some personal drama ended up kind of crashing my life and I took a bit of a wrong turn. I feel good about it this time, though. There's a little bit of a lack of motivation, but to be completely frank, I am tired of being poor. During the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance period, I feel that I had the best Quality of Life that I've ever had. After years of acclimating to being broke, for once I realized that I deserve a better life. Being poor plays mind games with you. It will convince you that you deserve nothing.

This brings us to this moment. I am waiting for my Odom books to arrive and playing with the cat. It's trash day, so I've got to take care of that (probably as soon as I'm done typing this). Throwing this very barebones site up is mostly for me, to give myself a neat way to contemplate the day before I begin it, I suppose. If someone else gets something out of it, cool beans.